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Sunshine Hours

2025 hrs



617 mm

Average Temperature

Average Temperature

11 °C

Experience Central Otago's captivating climatic extremes, shaping our wines. From scorching summers (38.7C) to chilling winters (-22.7C), this land of contrasts yields precise, focused wines with vibrant fruit flavours and refreshing acidity.

Central Otago encompasses vast subregions, each with a unique microclimate, orientation, and altitude. Harvests in Bannockburn precede those in Gibbston by up to a month. Majestic mountains and varied terrain contribute to the uniqueness of each subregion. Soils vary significantly, but all share a stony, well-drained foundation.

Crafted from three distinct vineyard sites—Gibbston Valley, Bannockburn, and Bendigo—our wines exemplify the region's diversity.

In Bendigo, warm temperatures and north-facing slopes create deeply fruited, powerful wines with firm tannins.

Gibbston Valley, the highest subregion, offers cooler climates, resulting in lighter, intensely flavoured wines that ripen later than their neighbours.

Situated on the south bank of the Kawarau River, Bannockburn boasts one of the warmest, driest sites in the region. Our namesake Bannock Brae Pinot Noir showcases its highly distinctive, richly fruited, and complex character.

Grape Varieties

Pinot Noir